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I just read your article about how you cut sugar out of your life.  I have tried many times to stop eating sugar myself but by the third day I’m craving it so badly that I give into it.  Do you have any advice you can give me to help me get through the first month?  I really want to change my eating habits and start to feel better…. I can relate to those aches and pains you describe having had before you cut out sugar and carbs!! [at wits’ end]

Thank you so much!!a

That was my approach and it was hard but then it got easy.  I started feeling better and of course that motivated me to stick with it.   You get to a point where if you eat it you know it is making you sick.
I mostly follow Paleo recipes but not 100% as I still eat cheese sometimes.  There are great recipes in their cookbooks that help with variety.
Good luck on your journey.  Reach out anytime.  It’s well worth the withdrawals of the first few weeks!
Katie Coombs


Good Morning,
I read your article about breaking the sugar addiction and I just wanted to know how did you detox. I try so hard and also tried so many times I just can’t get past the 2 week mark and the sugar grip gets me reeled back in…
Suffering and declining at 53 🙁
There is no easy way unfortunately because you are getting rid of a drug from your body. I had a cranky 3-4 weeks. I used one Granny Smith apple in the morning and one in the afternoon my first month. I cut fruit completely for the second month so I knew the addiction was gone. I added back in modest amounts after that in my diet for vitamins but my main source is always vegetables. I have cut up veggies around all of the time.  They are essential to your success.
Good luck with your journey. Check in any time. You will feel like a different person if you can get through the first month. It is smooth sailing from there.
Katie Coombs


Ms. Coombs –

I read your story in the RGJ regarding your search for glue.  It was humorous and familiar at the same time. It is refreshing to read that a parent is actually interested in helping a son in a constructive project.
Regarding glue – Since you say that it is a plastic model, I would guess that you were trying to find a cyanoacrylate glue. You do not say how old your son is but I will tell you that this type of glue can be a problem.  There are two main types. One sets instantly and the other is slightly slower.  The major problem occurs in the user has skin contact as it can cause fingers to stick together and cannot be separated quickly.  Skin oil will eventually break the contact. You might check Home Depot in the paint department. 

I have been in the modeling hobby since 1967.  I have six model airplanes hanging in my garage.  Five I built and have flown. One is from my oldest sons set that his wife let me have when we lost him. The field of building from kits is disappearing. Most buy ready made items that require no building. When our oldest son was 12 we attended a fly in of model airplanes sponsored by the American Cancer Research institute. He was instantly hooked.  A man with whom I worked with at Douglas Aircraft, gave us an engine and a suggested model for beginners. We worked together and when it was finished a pilot tested it for us.  I located an individual who would teach our son how to fly. Long story short, he later finished in 13th place in a national competition.  In his late 40’s he built two full size home build kits. I got to ride in his first one but he died before I could ride in the second one.

Keep working with your son.   The rewards will be astounding.



Thanks for sharing your story with me.  We were actually looking for both types of glue.  We have 7 kids – this model was for my 11 year old step-son.

It’s amazing how much quality time comes from these activities.  I wish more parents would turn back the clock and go towards these activities.

You live pretty close so will be easy to reach out if necessary!

Take care.

Katie Coombs

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