Hi Katie,
I decided to write and pay some honor to someone else in the awakening of no sugar, no carbs (for me, that’s currently limited to no gluten, but I hope to have the finances to eliminate that eventually). I don’t feel it’s worth regaling you with my story, which includes private sugar binges and eating only ‘white foods’ or bread/pasta throughout my childhood, but I use AA to keep myself from sugar consumption and to identify my dependence on it as addiction.
It’s a great thing to know it and have known it – and now actually be living it. And I agree our culture is just degraded in physicality and spirituality by what is consumed. I’m focusing on myself for now.
Thank you for the article, the willingness to reach out. I am mostly just writing to thank you for that much. If I ever need further support – I will write again.
I’m glad the article has helped you. It’s an ongoing struggle and we all need to support each other.
Take care,
Katie Coombs

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