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I just read your article about how you cut sugar out of your life.  I have tried many times to stop eating sugar myself but by the third day I’m craving it so badly that I give into it.  Do you have any advice you can give me to help me get through the first month?  I really want to change my eating habits and start to feel better…. I can relate to those aches and pains you describe having had before you cut out sugar and carbs!! [at wits’ end]

Thank you so much!!a

That was my approach and it was hard but then it got easy.  I started feeling better and of course that motivated me to stick with it.   You get to a point where if you eat it you know it is making you sick.
I mostly follow Paleo recipes but not 100% as I still eat cheese sometimes.  There are great recipes in their cookbooks that help with variety.
Good luck on your journey.  Reach out anytime.  It’s well worth the withdrawals of the first few weeks!
Katie Coombs


This article is me as well I believe thought i haven’t started the process. I know I have too much sugar and for my kids too. Do you have recipes to share that help ? And I would love to see the snacks yo give your kids. I am ready to get rolling on this asap and get my energy back!

Thank you for sharing your story!

Hi Christy,

The best recipes come from Paleo cookbooks even though I don’t follow Paleo exactly.  The kids snack on lots of chopped vegetable and fruits or nuts and seeds.  They do not eat as clean as I do but we are slowly getting them transitioned.  They always eat a clean dinner.

I have also had lots of success on Google.  You can just google clean chicken recipes or sugar free/carb free meal ideas and there is so much that comes up.   You will eventually stop living to eat and completely shift to eating to live.  Food isn’t about variety or even taste anymore but about health.  With that said, some of the recipes out there are delicious.   I own about three Paleo cookbooks and we use those lots.

Good luck in your journey.  Check back in and let me know how it goes!

Katie Coombs

Carole & Katie

Hi Katie,

When you say cut out all sugar, what exactly does that mean?
– Do you only eat naturally sweet things like fruit?
– Do you also avoid artificial sweeteners?

When you decided to cut out sugar and almost all carbohydrates, did you basically just stop eating sweet things, white bread, rice, and pasta? Or did you get into more complicated meal planning, counting, etc?

Thank you for any input.

PS I wouldn’t mind being copied on others’ questions and your answers. I’m sure it would all be helpful.


I will be working on getting questions and answers up on the website this week so everyone can see it.

I don’t eat anything with artificial sweeteners. I did use lots of fruit in the beginning (mostly apples) to get me through withdrawals. I don’t want those sweet fruits anymore. I usually have bananas if I have fruit.

I don’t have time for complicated cooking but I did get two Paleo cookbooks. There are quick recipes (mostly the chicken ones) that are delicious. A typical dinner for me would be a chicken dish and the sides are broccoli and cauliflower and a salad with a dressing without sugar. I eat until I’m full so I really don’t skimp on portions at all. I stay clear of pasta for many reasons. The pasta itself but also the sauces which are typically loaded with sugar.

It’s really simple what I do each day as it is just eating to live instead of living to eat. Once you adjust to that mindset, your life changes completely.

Hope you have a great Monday.

Thanks Katie! Cauliflower should be a piece of cake…at least for me. I like it. My wife doesn’t care for it, but is willing to try. We are both around 50, and used to he able to eat anything. The last few years, on went a few pounds, and both of us feel “blah”, most of the time.

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