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I just read your article about how you cut sugar out of your life.  I have tried many times to stop eating sugar myself but by the third day I’m craving it so badly that I give into it.  Do you have any advice you can give me to help me get through the first month?  I really want to change my eating habits and start to feel better…. I can relate to those aches and pains you describe having had before you cut out sugar and carbs!! [at wits’ end]

Thank you so much!!a

That was my approach and it was hard but then it got easy.  I started feeling better and of course that motivated me to stick with it.   You get to a point where if you eat it you know it is making you sick.
I mostly follow Paleo recipes but not 100% as I still eat cheese sometimes.  There are great recipes in their cookbooks that help with variety.
Good luck on your journey.  Reach out anytime.  It’s well worth the withdrawals of the first few weeks!
Katie Coombs


Hi Katie,
I decided to write and pay some honor to someone else in the awakening of no sugar, no carbs (for me, that’s currently limited to no gluten, but I hope to have the finances to eliminate that eventually). I don’t feel it’s worth regaling you with my story, which includes private sugar binges and eating only ‘white foods’ or bread/pasta throughout my childhood, but I use AA to keep myself from sugar consumption and to identify my dependence on it as addiction.
It’s a great thing to know it and have known it – and now actually be living it. And I agree our culture is just degraded in physicality and spirituality by what is consumed. I’m focusing on myself for now.
Thank you for the article, the willingness to reach out. I am mostly just writing to thank you for that much. If I ever need further support – I will write again.
I’m glad the article has helped you. It’s an ongoing struggle and we all need to support each other.
Take care,
Katie Coombs

Letter from G.B.

I read your editorial today and believe it works. What is a typical breakfast, lunch, and supper? What would you substitute for bread when making a sandwich? What do you substitute for snacks between meals?


A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast -Protein shake if I work out or a banana and a hard boiled egg if I don’t Lunch – Usually chicken with raw cut up vegetables or steamed vegetables Dinner – Protein with vegetables.

I would substitute lettuce for bread if I was going to have a sandwich.  I haven’t  eaten any bread since January 2014 and feel so much better.

I don’t usually feel a need to snack, but if I do it is on sugar snap peas, celery, or fruit in moderation.

I do have an occasional cheat and that is usually a decaf mocha from Starbucks or popcorn.  Sometimes, one of my younger kids will make chocolate chip cookies so I might have one but I usually do not feel good after so the cheats become not worth it and easy to avoid.

Good luck in your journey.  Feel free to reach out anytime.
Katie Coombs

Kathy & Katie

Hi Katie,

I really enjoyed your article on the battle with sugar. I can relate to so mayn points in your story and would really like to give up sugar and get healthier.

You mention cutting out carbohydrates,sugar and grains, so I was wondering if you could give me a sample of what you eat over a few days?

Thanks and regards,


Good luck with your plan!

A typical day for me would be as follows:

Morning – protein shake or a banana

Lunch- baked chicken and vegetables (steamed or just cut up raw veggies)

Dinner- Steak with vegetables and a salad with dressing (be careful of the dressing – check for carbs and sugar)

I limit the red meat each week so dinner could be chicken or pork or shrimp. There are good recipes in the Paleo cookbooks out there. I eat cheese so I’m not 100% Paleo but close.

I make sure my portions fill me up. If you need to snack, pick vegetables or a fruit. Your body will adjust to this and not crave anything else within a month if you really stick to it. I don’t want any of the junk foods that I used to eat. They don’t taste good to me.

I hope this helps get you started. Reach out anytime.

Katharine & Katie

Hi Katie,

I just read your article about your life change. I live in Portland Or. I have many of the same “symptoms” as you said you had and my A1C this month was at 7.4. I am only 34 and pregnant with my first. My fiance and I are both morbidly over weight according to BMI.

I am wondering what you did for your mornings. I love carby sugary stuff in the morning with sugary coffee creamer. I believe starting the day out steong can help. I just don’t know how to add variety and satisfaction.

Also, How did you begin and stick with it with others in the house? I would need to be 100 in charge of all food and cooking if I wanted us both to do it and I dont want to deal with that.

Do you have any literature to recommend.

Thanks for sharing
Katharine, Portland Or. But Reno native.


The mornings also were why I had to make my biggest adjustment. I started by walking or running for 30 minutes before eating and then would do a protein shake. That was filling and kept me full until lunch. If that isn’t enough at first, I would add a banana and some scrambled eggs. You have to make sure you get enough calories to keep that baby fed! Once you get the sugars out, you will be amazed at how great coffee tastes plain. I always used to add cream (lots of it)!

In my house it is impossible to get all of the kids on this diet. You have to commit to this being your own journey and just avoid the foods that you know are poison for you. It took me some time and I slipped a few times but I got there. You will have to resist these temptations everywhere so if you can count on yourself at home then you can succeed anywhere. Keep chopped up veggies ready to eat always!! I use those as a substitute for chips, cookies, or anything I might grab just to be eating something.

All of the Paleo literature is helpful. I read articles on the Internet all of the time. I have a Paleo cookbook but I still eat a little bit of dairy (but not much). Be patient on healing your body. My stomach upset took 9 months to resolve but it is cured from this. That was very exciting after that long wait.

Good luck! Make sure to get permission from your obstetrician before making any a rule decisions.

Please reach out anytime if you need extra motivation!

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