Katie’s affinity to provide interesting advice, her personable nature, and her ability to captivate a widespread audience with a sense of humor led to the founding of “Uncommon Sense.”

With a wonderful range of 4 children (2 boys ages 21 and 2 ½, and 2 girls ages 19 and 14), Katie found a passion in creating a conversation about managing the daily tasks and responsibilities associated with raising children in today’s diverse world.

Katie’s affinity to provide interesting advice, her personable nature, and her ability to captivate a widespread audience with a sense of humor led to the founding of “Uncommon Sense.” The full scope of “Uncommon Sense” incorporates a column in the Reno-Gazette Journal, a bi-montly article in Bliss Babe Magazine in a special “Ask Katie” Column, ongoing blogs both on her own website and Reno Mom’s Blog, and conversation forums with her listeners through her site. Lastly, Katie speaks on a variety of topics to audiences from children to adults coming to terms with marriage, family and divorce.

Katie’s show derived from her philosophy on parenting – that discipline and emphasis on self-respect and logical thinking will lead their children to act appropriately in all of life’s situations.

As the show and writing progressed, Katie began incorporating Uncommon Sense into many different subject matters regularly discusses current political events and important things happening in the community. Although these topics are diverse, she always brings them back to how they impact the family structure.

Currently, Katie is taking “Uncommon Sense” to new heights as she writes a book that not only details her philosophy, but also focuses on the topics of birth and rebirth as she recently added her youngest son to family through a surrogate. The book highlights the process and the entire experience from the In-Vitro Fertilization procedure, the unique feeling experienced in a surrogate pregnancy, and how the new baby has positively affected her family dynamic. She is also writing a second book called “What to Expect when you are Expecting Real Life – the first 45 Years”.

Katie recently semi-retired from her 23-year career as an owner and financial advisor of Sierra Financial Advisors, LLC, and Sierra Insurance Advisors, LLC. Katie graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) with a degree in Social Psychology and English. She is on the Reno Rodeo Foundation Board, a charity dedicated to families by aiding children with extraordinary needs, building community partnerships and providing grants. Additionally, she is a member of the National Charity League and youth league basketball coach. A native Nevadan, she enjoys outdoor activities including camping and attending and coaching the various sports activities that all of the children participate in.

Katie has been featured in numerous publications:

Katie Coombs offers a riveting and witty column monthly through the Reno Gazette Journal, tackling day-to-day issues all families face. Katie’s articles can be seen in print under the Life section in Reno Gazette Journal focused on readers seeking meaningful connections with their communities. The articles are also published through the USA TODAY NETWORK, empowering communities to connect, act and thrive.

Ask Katie...Do you have a question about children, politics, or breaking that late night sugar addiction?

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Katie has been the keynote speaker at dozens
of influential and motivating events.

When you’re in charge of hiring the right keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, your task is more strategy than science, which makes it a delicate assignment. Katie offers captivating and real-life feature life lessons acquired via the highways and byways of life as a mother, wife, writer, and career professional. Whether your audience wants to be inspired, challenged or entertained, Katie offers plenty of material for a customized keynote, workshop, luncheon, or after-dinner speech. Katie works one-on-one with you and your team to create stories that resonate with the objectives of your gathering.


Not afraid to tell it like she sees it, Katie Coombs is an entertaining, thought-provoking business practitioner rooted in the notion of family and practical parenting and betting on one’s strengths to ensure a path to success and happiness. Katie will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and begging for more.

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