Letter from G.B.

I read your editorial today and believe it works. What is a typical breakfast, lunch, and supper? What would you substitute for bread when making a sandwich? What do you substitute for snacks between meals?


A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast -Protein shake if I work out or a banana and a hard boiled egg if I don’t Lunch – Usually chicken with raw cut up vegetables or steamed vegetables Dinner – Protein with vegetables.

I would substitute lettuce for bread if I was going to have a sandwich.  I haven’t  eaten any bread since January 2014 and feel so much better.

I don’t usually feel a need to snack, but if I do it is on sugar snap peas, celery, or fruit in moderation.

I do have an occasional cheat and that is usually a decaf mocha from Starbucks or popcorn.  Sometimes, one of my younger kids will make chocolate chip cookies so I might have one but I usually do not feel good after so the cheats become not worth it and easy to avoid.

Good luck in your journey.  Feel free to reach out anytime.
Katie Coombs

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